We are now able to hire a spit roast machine to customers purchasing hogs, lamb, goat or beef from us.

Having many years experience of spit roasting we know all about the problems we commonly encounter and overcome as professional caterers, and so we set about finding an easy to use well designed machine which was simply to use for the hirer.

We were delighted when we found this stainless steel machine with electric spit that provides authentic roasting of a beast over a bed of wood or charcoal.

For the authentic hog roast experience nothing beats watching a hog slowly turn over hot coals, self basting, the occasional drop of fat sizzling on the coals whilst enjoying a cold one (well it would be rude not to).

Seeing the crackling slowly turn that perfect colour as it turns crispy.  When the hog is ready (this one here was ready in just 3 hours) take it off the heat, let it relax, before peeling off the crackling and carving up the pork.

You're then ready to serve - either in a fresh bread roll with sage & onion stuffing and apple sauce or on a plate with sides.

Our spit roast machine will cook over charcoal or wood and if you fancy having a go yourself for a special occasion or simply a family get together we can out together a hire package just for you.

We have a step by step guide to take you through the process and the spit is electric simplifying things.

We also have BBQ grills available for use with the machine to make good use of the hot charcoal cooking sausages, burgers, kebabs, chicken and fish for a wider variety of food and to feed additional people.

Or if you're feeling lazy let us do it all for you - cook, carve and serve.  Just let us know what we can do to make things perfect for you.

Spit Roast Machine Hire £125*
BBQ Grills (x3) £15 (make use of your hot coals to grill some sausages, burgers, kebabs, fish etc)
Fresh bread rolls or Pita Breads £19.99/60 then +£0.30ea for additional
Tub of apple sauce £10.99 (serves approx 60-100**)
Tray of sage and onion stuffing £9.99 (serves approx 45**)
Napkins £7.50 (100 2 ply serviettes)
12kg Restaurant Charcoal £13.99 (usually 1-2 sacks required subject to size of hog)

* £350.00 deposit on machine hire, refundable when machine returned clean in good order
** indicated servings are approximate and subject to portion control

You will need a supply of wood or charcoal (not coal) to cook on (we are now stocking Restaurant Charcoal see above)
Firelighters/Lighting Fuel to set your fuel burning
Sheltered corner out of the wind and protection from the rain
240V domestic power supply to turn the spit
Table/Counter to place your cooked hog to rest off the heat before carving