Our fully cooked HotHog - roasted to perfection and delivered hot ready to carve yourself

Our HotHog - roasted to perfection and delivered to you hot out of our roaster ready for you to carve and serve

This is the simple DIY hogroast great for parties at home, in the garden, house parties, birthdays, function rooms, restaurants, pubs, hotels and so on.  There is a real WOW factor when we carry your HotHog into your event in all it's glory with it's awesome crackling, the aroma of HotHog tantalising your guests, the golden crackling teasing.  All you need is a table or counter for us to place your pig on.  We will then give you some tips as to carving up your beast and then it's all yours.

Our HotHogs provide excellent value for money without the worry or time involved in cooking your own pig.

Lamb, Boer Goat, Dexter Beef, Chicken available too.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs and deliver a ready to go feast complete with freshly baked rolls or pita pockets,  apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and napkins.  You just need a table or counter to rest your pig on, a bread knife, carving knife and serving spoons.

2021 'Bare' HotHog PRICE LIST

     30kg  ~ 50 portions £259 (half a hog)
     50kg    100 - 120 portions £349
     60kg    140 - 160 portions £399

For larger numbers or alternative meat please email us with your requirements.

Optional Extras - turn your 'bare' HotHog into a complete package:

Ready to serve Sage & Onion Stuffing £14.99/tray ~ 45 servings

Bramley Apple Sauce - one tub will provide around 60 servings £10.99

Freshly Baked Bread Rolls from our local bakery
     £24.99 60 rolls +35p for each additional roll above 60

Napkins £6.25/100

Delivery charges may apply

We can also deliver with your HotHog package any sides required, home made coleslaw, potato salad, roasties, mixed leaf to name but a few of our in house home made sides

There's something about crackling isn't there...  as soon as the hog roast arrives guests want that cheeky nibble...